What to expect at Spoken Word:

About Spoken Word

When the school year starts back up, that’s when things really heat up at Converge Gallery! Spoken Word is a seasonal event that runs from September to May on the Second Friday of the month. Sign-ups for the event start at 6:30 pm and everything runs from 7:00pm – 9:00pm. Admission is just $3.

Spoken Word has a simple setup: we turn on the mic and ask those interested in reading poetry, prose, free style verse, dramatic readings, stand up comedy and more keep it under 5 minutes. All are welcome even if you just want to listen rather than participate.

Converge Gallery has been hosting Spoken Word for the past five years. It’s a great way for the literary talents of Williamsport and the surrounding areas to have a chance in the spotlight. Come share your talents!

Upcoming Spoken Word Events for Season 6:

  • We will be taking the summer off and will return in September
  • If you’d like to continue getting your Spoken Word fix, venture out to the Milton Art Bank as they will be starting their own open mic up in June. Details can be found at www.miltonartbank.com