Converge Gallery is excited to add conservation framing to our list of services! Stop by and learn how to preserve your artwork, photographs, and cherished items for a lifetime!

One-of-a-kind, signed prints are not required!

Once a method used primarily by museums to preserve valuable, historic artwork, Conservation Framing has become more mainstream than ever. Photographs, jerseys, diplomas, original artwork, or memorabilia, such as, wedding vows, certificates, and baby blankets are not items that will last forever. It is not commonly known that most of your cherished items contain acidic content on their own, as well as other damaging oils from being handled over the years. Without the proper care, these items will yellow, tatter, and fade. With our Conservation Framing methods, however, they will be preserved for a lifetime! Every single component of your custom order will work to preserve your piece with 99% UV protection, as well as acid free, lignin free, and Alkaline pH neutralized characteristics. Even if your keepsakes do not have monetary worth, remember that a price cannot be put on sentimental value.

For more information on framing, check out our Frame It Here website. When you are looking for a customized framing experience, be sure to Frame It Here!