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Cart Study | John Breiner


Cart Study
John Breiner
Acrylic ink and print on paper
12” x 12”

John Breiner

Growing up in New York with an early love for Comics, skateboarding and graffiti John has maintained a career as an Illustrator, fine artist, and muralist for well over two decades. While the focus of his personal work revolves around the reuse of found items, (specifically, old paper, books, and book jackets) he has also painted large-scale murals, various private commissions and designs, as well as curated a number of group art shows and installations. John’s works have been exhibited internationally in Turkey, Italy, Switzerland and China, as well as nationally in New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington D.C, Philadelphia and San Francisco. After residing in New York City for the last 13 years, John is currently living and working as an artist and DJ in New York’s Hudson Valley region. John Breiner’s work is highly inspired by nature, the passing of time, and the reclaiming of surfaces. For the last decade, books, salvaged paper, and found objects have been his work surfaces of choice. As an artist, he looks for a surface with stains and the telltale marks of a past life. He finds inspiration from yellowed paper, peeling paint, or a water-damaged surface. He sees these marks as a constant reminder that time stops for nothing. Almost exclusively discarded, John embraces these “lived” surfaces adding and subtracting layers to convey his own experiences and observations. His hope, in the end, is to create a seamless interaction with the piece, to join image to surface as naturally as possible and push it out into the world with a new story to tell.