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Curt Miller

Curt Miller is an artist who grew up in central Pennsylvania. He has a Master of Business Administration Degree and has several creative outlets that over time have included: art, theater, music, and stand-up comedy.

Curt is best known for his figurative and expressionistic oil pastels. His subject matter comes directly from his mind and leans towards the enigmatic, the thought provoking, and situations that are out of context. He interjects subtle humor and often flirts with the absurd, sometimes placing an emphasis on the title or the idea behind the painting rather than what is visually displayed. His art challenges and entertains, while at the same time appealing to the intellectual, the philosopher, the comedian, and the psychologist in us all.

Curt hopes that his art can serve as some sort of beacon to let people know that they are not alone. More than anything, he hopes that you read the narrative on one of his pieces and ask, “What would make someone think of something like that.” There is no shortage of artists who enjoy painting barns, cats and flowers and plenty of people who enjoy those things as well. Curt may choose the same subject matter, but he is more interested in exploring what went on in the barn, how much we did not like the cat or what the quality of life was for the people who did the flower arrangement. He is speaking to the existential, and to people who are searching for some deeper meaning and are wondering why they are so different from everyone else. You cannot hang Curt’s art on your wall without making a statement that you may have to explain or defend at some point.

Curt’s work is in private collections overseas, and throughout the United States.

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