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Anthony Cervino

Conceptually, most of my sculptures draw on personal memory, a sense of cultural nostalgia and notions of boyhood. Visually, I approach these subjects with an eclectic hand. Over the past ten years I have made my work using a diverse array of materials and studio practices. There have been projects that relied on a stronger craft base, while others were better served by a seemingly absent hand or realized through intuitive assemblage. Likewise, the materials for each sculpture are as varied as the methods of making. Wood, steel, found objects, cast bronze, and aluminum certainly have a historical presence in my sculptures, but as with so many contemporary sculptors, every new project is approached as a clean slate and open to all possibilities. Many of my more recent sculptures explore an intuitive and introspective look at fatherhood. Intended as a mash-up of varied perspectives (my personal experiences as a father and as a son, an examination of how those roles shift as one ages, the societal expectations of father and sons, as well as the complexities of mother figures added to the mix) the sculptures are presented as tableaus that perhaps pose more questions than they answer.

Available Artworks