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Almost Human opening soon at Converge Gallery

What defines a human being as such and which tools do we have to investigate the boundary between being human and not being human? “Almost Human” is a group show dedicated to all those elements that allow not only ordinary viewers, but also intellectuals and scientists to individuate and circumscribe the main physical and conceptual features of a human being.

This exhibition involves a number of subjects including anthropology, anatomy, science, perception and imagination. Ever since human beings have begun to wonder about their true nature and to separate themselves as individuals from the outside world, the connection between human anatomy, individual thought and collective imagination (stricly interwoven with ancient mythology) has been one of the topics preferred by both academics and curious along with anthropomorphism and anything related to the human mind and behavior.

Almost Human is being guest curated by the Italian writer and journalist Deianira Tolema. Tolema hand selected works from fourteen different artists including Ekaterina Panikanova, Mike Cockrill, Meryl Pataky, Lawrence C. Miller, Rebecca Armstrong, Chad Wys, Alberto Di Fabio, Ted Lawson, Keith W. Bentley, Howard Tran, Mira Gerard, Neener, Anthony Cervino and Elizabeth King.

The exhibition opens on Friday, November 21 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM and closes on Saturday, February 28, 2015.

More about the artists:

Ekaterina Panikanova
In her production each work incorporates a body of rules, dogmas, traditions, religious beliefs and scientific discoveries which human beings had tried to enclose into cages for centuries.

Mike Cockrill
Mike Cockrill is a painter and sculptor that has been making conceptually engaged, socially challenging work since he first began showing in the East Village in the early 1980s.

Meryl Pataky
Meryl’s work revolves around elements found on the periodic table. She creates a variety of works that relate to her concept of universal connectedness.

Lawrence Charles Miller
Lawrence Charles Miller seems to make pictures that imply their own fiction. The human figure appears to be the given in these equations of signs and symbols.

Rebecca Armstrong
Rebecca’s work, featured by a deep connection to literature and history, goes from poetry to architecture and audio-video installations passing through contemporary art.

Chad Wys
Apart from an interrogation of art and its history, the work of Chad Wys is an investigation of mark-making and by extension an experimentation in composition, color and form.

Alberto Di Fabio
His painting focuses on the connection between art and science. Biological structures, genetics, synaptic receptors, pharmaceutical and medical research are the starting point in his work.

Ted Lawson
Ted Lawson recurs to both figurative representation and formal abstraction. His working process is an exploration into the human existential experience through imagined models of the universe.

Keith W. Bentley
The art of Keith W. Bentley is shaped as much by the artist’s east-coast heritage as it is by his unexpected choice of materials. Bentley’s accumulations of objects that adorn his figurative substrates tend to dramatically morph the ordinary into the exceptional.

Howard Tran
His artwork ranges from figurative to abstract sculpture. Utilizing traditional and non-traditional materials, he creates pieces that emphasize texture and symbols and reflect his Vietnamese/Chinese background.

Mira Gerard
Mira Gerard makes paintings of the figure as a way to understand individual desire, which has a very specific function related to her inner will of being both subject and maker.

Taking inspiration from artists such as Betty Tompkins and Miss Van, Neener works with a theme of over-sexualized anthropomorphic imagery that explores the fine line between human and animal instinct.

Anthony Cervino
Intended as a mash-up of varied perspectives related to his personal experiences, the sculptures of Anthony Cervino are presented as tableaus that perhaps pose more questions than they answer.

Elizabeth King
Elizabeth King combines movable figurative sculptures with stop-frame animation in works that blur the boundary between actual and virtual object. Her work reflects an evident interest in literature’s host of legends in which the artificial figure comes to life.

About Converge Gallery
Converge Gallery was founded in 2011 by Casey Gleghorn and John Yogodzinski. The gallery, already internationally recognized for its ambitious program, has been extremely selective and focused on emerging and notable mid-career artists with an increasingly more conceptual direction oriented to display the most challenging and innovative art.

What we are trying to do, without any pretense to define art, is to elevate the discussion about art and reality, art and history and art as communication. Converge Gallery’s goal is to sell the meaning and cultural context of an artwork along with the image and individual point of view of the artist, who is required, as well as the ideal collector, to have an extensive knowledge about contemporary art. Our artists are encouraged to aim for a certain level of aesthetic value that includes precision, clarity of content and confrontation with their inner vision.

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